October, 2016

Ten-year-old forms group to raise awareness of lung cancer

Ten year old, Tom Hodges has rallied some of his school mates to form a group of seven called “The Lung Busters”. They are taking on the Summer Starter 10k run on the 27th November in support of Toms mum Kate who has lung cancer. The Lung Busters, together with their families and friends are helping our cause […]

John Ashton, ambassador and lung cancer survivor achieves his goal of a sub 60 10k run

Congratulations to our lung cancer patient ambassador Dr John Ashton for achieving his goal of completing the Honest 10 K run in under 60 minutes – in record time of 54.28! We are also grateful for his tremendous advocacy and fundraising support. The Honest 10 is one of many runs organised by the Wellington Harrier Athletic Club and we are […]