Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Patients waiting a year for Keytruda funding decision from Pharmac

Lung Foundation New Zealand continues to advocate for immunotherapy to be funded for lung cancer (a standard of care abroad). Meanwhile the very protracted process is costing lives. Story by: Amy Wiggins New Zealand Herald 12 Feb, 2018 Hundreds of lung cancer patients whose lives could be saved by a new treatment labelled a […]

Recognising Simplot NZ and John West

It was very fitting to thank everyone at Simplot New Zealand and John West. Pictured below is; Chris Buddle, County Manager and Julian Ng, Group Brand Manager, together with colleagues at a presentation to acknowledge their tremendous support in conjunction with the John West 12k Traverse at the 2017 Auckland Marathon. These lung health champions […]

The Cost of Cancer

Lung cancer is NZ’s biggest cancer killer and it kills more people every year than Breast, Melanoma and Prostate Cancer combined. Lung Foundation New Zealand’s role is to advocate in support of patients and carers and urge policy makers to adopt policies that reduce/eliminate inequalities. This feature (see link below) highlights the many levels cancer […]

Courageous Lung Cancer Patients

It was great to see three special leaders come together at the John West 12k Traverse held at the Auckland Marathon; lung cancer patient advocates; Baden Ngan Kee, Christine Roberts-Whitcombe and Jason Guttenbeil. Lung Foundation NZ is sincerely grateful to have their courageous leadership and support (and that of their families and friends). By working […]

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Fantastic Fundraising by Family and Mum with Lung Cancer

We are sincerely grateful to lung cancer patient, Christine Roberts-Whitcombe and her family; husband Brent, children; Ella and Jack, for their tremendous leadership and support with fundraising to increase the awareness of lung cancer and for their advocacy to highlight the inequalities that exist for lung cancer patients and their families. The Whitcombe family established […]

Lung Cancer Patient, Baden Ngan Kee Raises $17,000!

Huge thanks to Baden Ngan Kee, his family and friends and colleagues in the FMCG Industry for this tremendous support! For the past four months John West has called on the FMCG industry to support Baden Ngan Kee, a well-respected executive who has been diagnosed with lung cancer, by donating funds to the Lung Foundation […]

November is Lung Health Month AND Lung Cancer Awareness month

Lung Foundation New Zealand observes lung health month and lung cancer awareness month during November. We thought we would begin by sharing some lung facts that remind us how important our/your lungs are; Lungs are the only internal organs that are constantly exposed to the environment The average person breathes about 11,000 litres of air […]