Welcome to Lung Foundation New Zealand

Lung Foundation NZ is an independent non-government organisation dedicated to promoting healthy lungs and early detection of lung disease (including lung cancer, NZ’s biggest cancer killer).

The Foundation advocates on a range of issues, including access to more effective funded treatments, an increase in research funding and a commitment to making Aotearoa a Smokefree nation by 2025.

The organisation forms part of a global movement committed to all aspects of lung health and it will collaborate with organisations that share similar objectives.

Lung Foundation New Zealand has four key messages:

  1. Lung disease can affect anyone.
  2. You need to see a doctor if you have;
    – shortness of breath
    – chest pains
    – an unexplained cough (of more than 4 weeks)
    – noisy breathing.
  3. Lung disease can be treated – the earlier you start treatment the better.
  4. To look after your lungs don’t smoke and be active.

Download the four key messages here

Latest News

Patient advocacy groups meet to discuss the need for a collective patient voice

Lung Foundation New Zealand participated in a forum alongside many other patient advocacy groups to discuss the value of a collective patient voice to improve healthcare outcomes. Pictured are most of the attendees following this very productive forum….

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LFNZ Position Statement, Advocacy Priorities And Lung Cancer Treatments by Status

Lung Foundation New Zealand’s Position Statement and Advocacy Priorities are informed by evidence and based on a philosophy dedicated to saving lives. A schedule of lung cancer treatments by status is also included with this document. To view the docum…

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TV One Sunday Q&A with Health Minister, David Clark

TVNZ’s Corin Dann interviews David Clark, Minister of Health on Sundays Q&A programme. https://www.tvnz.co.nz/shows/q-and-a/clips/q-a-david-clark-health-part-2 Lung Foundation NZ took the opportunity to put forward some questions on behalf of 2037 pati…

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