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Lung Foundation NZ is an independent non-government organisation dedicated to promoting healthy lungs and early detection of lung disease (including lung cancer, NZ’s biggest cancer killer).

The Foundation advocates on a range of issues, including access to more effective funded treatments, an increase in research funding and a commitment to making Aotearoa a Smokefree nation by 2025.

The organisation forms part of a global movement committed to all aspects of lung health and it will collaborate with organisations that share similar objectives.

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Lung Foundation New Zealand has four key messages:

  1. Lung disease can affect anyone.
  2. You need to see a doctor if you have;
    – shortness of breath
    – chest pains
    – an unexplained cough (of more than 4 weeks)
    – noisy breathing.
  3. Lung disease can be treated – the earlier you start treatment the better.
  4. To look after your lungs don’t smoke and be active.

Download the four key messages here

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Interview with John Ashton, Lung Cancer Patient

5 Kiwis die from lung cancer every day. Even healthy people can develop lung cancer.

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Keytruda could ‘revolutionise’ lung cancer treatment but NZ won’t fund it, doc says

Medical Director, Chris Atkinson was interviewed about NZ’s biggest cancer killer – lung cancer. He called for better funding of new treatments that save lives and reduce health costs and more responsible use of tobacco taxes. Keytruda could ‘revolutio…

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