About Us

Our role is to ensure lung health is a priority for all New Zealanders. We aim to improve collaboration across the sector and deliver national lung health campaigns to promote and advocate for healthy lungs, including early detection of lung disease and lung cancer.

Lung Foundation NZ will advocate for making innovative medicines for lung cancer available to all New Zealanders by working with Government, PHARMAC and pharmaceutical companies.

Our Logo

The logo for Lung Foundation New Zealand has been created by placing hei-matau (traditional Maori fish hook) carved from pounamu (greenstone) side by side to represent the lungs.

Just as the Maori fish hook carving is also symbolic of power and represents Tangata Whenua’s close connection to bounty caught from the sea to survive, the lungs are the only internal organs, constantly exposed to the external environment and they are vital to survival, by taking in oxygen which goes into the blood through the heart.

Our Approach

The Lung Foundation has commenced with a particular focus on:

  • Advocacy – Ensure lung health is a national priority. Focusing on early detection of lung disease (including lung cancer) and addressing inequalities.
  • Education – How to keep your lungs healthy and understanding the symptoms of lung disease.
  • Awareness – Observe lung health month “November” in conjunction with lung health campaigns.
  • Information – Publish information about all aspects of lung health and all lung diseases including lung cancer.
  • Research – Promote quality research in to lung health, including the prevention, detection and treatment of lung disorders.

Whilst the Lung Foundation will be collaborating with a number of health organisations to deliver its mission, a particular focus area will be on increasing the awareness of lung cancer and addressing the stigma that is associated with this disease.

The Lung Foundation is also taking the opportunity to engage with, acknowledge and support people who have been affected by lung disease, including lung cancer. It is pleasing to confirm that John Ashton a lung cancer survivor has been appointed Lung Cancer Patient Ambassador for the Lung Foundation.

Our Purpose

To promote quality research into lung health, supporting research centres, hospitals, and facilities researching prevention, detection and treatment of lung disorders.

To promote continuing education about lung health, about associated life style issues and matters connected to lung disorders.

To promote early diagnosis of lung disease and recommend methods of treatment.

To promote facilities for treatment of lung disease, respiratory disorders and associated health issues and to support individuals suffering from lung disorders and their carers.

To promote equitable access to evidence based care for lung disorders.

To undertake publication of information about lung disorders and disease, cancers, treatment and support.

To co-operate with other agencies helping people with health issues, and promoting research, detection and treatment.

To develop support groups of volunteers, medical specialists and medical teams to assist in advising and promoting favourable outcomes in lung health needs and education and fulfilment of the purpose of the Foundation.

Lung Foundation New Zealand is; 

  • Incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957
  • Registered with DIA Charities Services – CC50985
  • Registered by Inland Revenue with Donee Organisation Status under Section LD3 of the Income Tax Act 2007