Kiwis diagnosed with asbestos and other dust-related diseases whose exposure occurred while working in Australia may be entitled to compensation.

There are different statutory and common law entitlements in every state of Australia. Depending on where you were exposed, you may have entitlements to common law damages, pensions and/or statutory benefits.

You may be legally entitled to claim compensation if you are suffering from:
• asbestosis
• lung cancer
• asbestos related pleural disease
• pleural mesothelioma
• peritoneal mesothelioma
• pericardial mesothelioma, or
• laryngeal cancer.

You should consider getting legal advice from a specialist asbestos lawyer if you suspect you may have been exposed while working in Australia.

Following is a statement from Maurice Blackburn a specialist asbestos law firm – Maurice Blackburn’s dedicated asbestos lawyers recognise every moment is precious for someone who suffers from an asbestos disease as well as their loved ones. Whether you suffer from mesothelioma, asbestosis, pleural plaques or another dust disease, we can help streamline your legal access to compensation to give you more time.

As a national law firm, we’ll fight for your rights and provide legal assistance in whatever areas you need.

Our superannuation and insurance claims experts can help you with any claims you may be eligible to make through an insurance or superannuation policy.

Your asbestos and personal injury lawyer can put you in touch with these experts and ensure that you are cared for throughout the process.
We represent New Zealand clients who were exposed to Asbestos in Australia.

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