Letter of expectations from Health Minister to Pharmac

Given the U-turn by Pharmac to progress the RFP for immunotherapy treatment for lung cancer and the insipid excuse offered by Pharmac, we felt it was timely to review the governments letter of expectations, issued by Dr David Clark, Minister of Health, to Steve Maharey (Chair of Pharmac) regarding Pharmac’s key priorities for the 2019/2020 period.

Re-reading the letter of expectations, suggests Pharmac is failing to meet a number of key priorities. Per, equity and making decisions guided by equity, working strategically with the MOH and Cancer Agency to implement precision medicines which will transform healthcare as we know it. A big fail for improving transparency. A big fail for building trust and confidence in the public health system.

We also question and wonder HOW Pharmac meet their obligations to Maori under the treaty and HOW they report on this and their responsibility to deliver equitable outcomes.