Vast vaping

It’s no surprise to see the huge growth reported in global sales of e cigarettes.

Whilst e cigarettes at this stage are considered much safer than tobacco products and are being promoted widely, we do have concerns because the use of e cigarettes amongst adolescents is increasing rapidly.

This poses the risk that our younger generation of e cigarette users are establishing a smoker’s behaviour which could well lead them to switch to tobacco products.

Incidentally, we have been approached about endorsing vaping products in return for financial support. Our response was NO thank you.

Lung Foundation New Zealand reserves the right to refuse any gift/s that: do not further the mission of Lung Foundation New Zealand, or are inconsistent with the mission and values of Lung Foundation New Zealand etc.

Looking ahead we ask the next Government for an increased investment in smoking cessation campaigns that will engage and support and assist all people who smoke to quit. Such investment is vital to achieving Smokefree 2025 and from a health economics perspective this approach will save healthcare costs downstream.