Response to the Cancer Action Plan 2019 – 2029

We are really pleased after two years to now have a draft cancer plan to review and acknowledge the work that has gone into this draft plan.

First up, we should record how disappointing it was, for our cause, and CANGO (Cancer Non-Governmental Organisations) of which Lung Foundation NZ is a member, to not be consulted during the creation of this cancer plan, subsequent to the forum hosted by the Ministry of Health, seven months ago.

That said, we do support the priority framework recommended, but need to see more detail about WHAT resourcing is allocated to individual tasks to demonstrate HOW words will be turned into actions.

We also ask for a further breakdown (clarification) of the specific / measurable goals that together will deliver the priority actions.

Click to read our statement which includes many questions –

2019 Monday 2nd September – Response to the Cancer Plan by Lung Foundation New Zealand Inc.