Kate Hodges

My name is Kate Hodges. I am 48 years old, married to Andy, and I have two children; Emily, aged 12 and Tom, aged 10. I live in the beautiful mountain spa village of Hanmer Springs in the middle of the South Island, New Zealand. Before my diagnosis with lung cancer I worked part-time as a primary school Teacher Aide, and I took care of the administration for the Motel business we own in Fox Glacier. I have always been fit and healthy, and I am a non-smoker.

Early in June 2016 I felt a small lump in my neck and went to my local GP.  On 13th June I received the results of a biopsy and was shocked to be given a diagnosis of metastatic Adenocarcinoma, with the likely origin being pulmonary.  A week later, after a CT scan, my diagnosis of non-small cell, stage 4 lung cancer was confirmed. I was told pretty bluntly that there was no cure and the only treatment options were designed to control the cancer and to maintain the best possible quality of life.

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