Daughter shaves hair off to raise funds in tribute to her mum, following lung cancer diagnosis

We so appreciate the amazing support of Evie Peace, together with her family and friends, for their generous fundraising, in conjunction with a head shave, in tribute to Evie’s very brave mother, Heather Stewart. Heather has been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. We recognise, mother and grandmother; Heather Stewart […]

Without Keytruda, 30 deaths a week from lung cancer

We acknowledge this Radio NZ follow-up report by Guyon Espiner. We also acknowledge Medical Oncologist, Dr Laird Cameron for his leadership by speaking about the inequity that exists in NZ with access to precision medicines, namely immunotherapy. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/415797/without-keytruda-30-deaths-a-week-in-nz-from-cancer-lung-foundation?fbclid=IwAR0IrzmOPsZ7mE3g5B4Du-2lhQC4_5Ly5pY8mqSPjaFQmL5jOW56YVi_hbA

Lung Foundation’s Advocacy Priorities

OVER 1800 KIWIS DIE FROM LUNG CANCER EVERY YEAR. LUNG CANCER IS NEW ZEALAND’S DEADLIEST CANCER. Treatment of lung cancer needs to be a government priority. We need more common sense in funding; prevention, early detection and the provision of more effective treatments for lung cancer. Click to view our lung cancer advocacy flyer. lung-foundation_31148369 […]

Letter of expectations from Health Minister to Pharmac

Given the U-turn by Pharmac to progress the RFP for immunotherapy treatment for lung cancer and the insipid excuse offered by Pharmac, we felt it was timely to review the governments letter of expectations, issued by Dr David Clark, Minister of Health, to Steve Maharey (Chair of Pharmac) regarding Pharmac’s key priorities for the 2019/2020 […]

Pharmac backtracks RFP for immunotherapy treatment for lung cancer

LFNZ was absolutely gobsmacked to be informed the RFP for immunotherapy treatment for lung cancer had been put on hold by Pharmac. This is another blow for patients with lung cancer, who have no time to wait. Click to view the letter from Pharmac – 2020-04-20 Sarah Fitt letter to Philip Hope re RFP update […]

Pharmac urged to fund treatments for lung cancer

Just prior to the lockdown, Lung Foundation NZ, CEO, Philip Hope, met with Sarah Fitt (CEO) and Steve Maharey (Chair), of Pharmac, concerning the ongoing delay to fund lung cancer treatments which is causing a (preventable) humanitarian crisis. It is unacceptable, 30 patients are dying prematurely every week in NZ, when treatments could be available […]

Comparing Lung Cancer Treatment Options between, NZ and Australia versus European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Guidelines

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, New Zealanders have become more aware how our healthcare compares with other countries. Comparing, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Treatment Options between New Zealand, Australia and Europe, highlights just how far behind NZ is and why lung cancer patients die prematurely. It is disgraceful, that NZ funds just a third of the […]

Tribute to Kate Hodges, Lung Cancer Patient Ambassador

Me te aroha tino nui atu (with deepest sympathy) We are deeply affected and grieving, because our dear friend, lung cancer patient ambassador, Kate Hodges (50), a devoted wife and mother, died on Wednesday, 1st April, the result of advanced lung cancer. Kate had moved to receive respite care at hospice, the same day as […]