Lung Foundation NZ highlights the plight of lung cancer at ISPOR 2020

Our cause was pleased to have the opportunity to amplify the voice of lung cancer patients in Aotearoa to an international audience by presenting at the 2020 ISPOR Conference.

ISPOR is the leading professional society for health economics and outcomes research globally. Due to COVID-19, this forum was hosted virtually by the organising committee in Seoul, Korea.

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Thirty lung cancer patients continue to die prematurely every week in NZ. We consider this to be a humanitarian crisis, the result of state health policy.
The vast majority of lung cancer patients in NZ are receiving treatment that is not based on the best available evidence.

Donations and bequests enable Lung Foundation New Zealand to continue to; raise awareness about the plight of lung cancer patients in NZ; inform and support patients and carers; advocate for access to all standard of care treatments in the public health system, advocate for a state commitment to screening for lung cancer and greater investment in corrective action.