Lung Health

Join with us and observe lung health awareness month

November is lung health awareness month. Your support by sharing our poster and/or organising an event will help our cause save lives by increasing awareness and early detection of lung disease. Click here to plan an event. Click on this link to our lung health poster. c004193-lfnz-a4-poster-v52034

John Ashton, ambassador and lung cancer survivor achieves his goal of a sub 60 10k run

Congratulations to our lung cancer patient ambassador Dr John Ashton for achieving his goal of completing the Honest 10 K run in under 60 minutes – in record time of 54.28! We are also grateful for his tremendous advocacy and fundraising support. The Honest 10 is one of many runs organised by the Wellington Harrier Athletic Club and we are […]

Lung Cancer Patient 10k Challenge, 16th October, Evans Bay, Wellington

Lung Cancer Patient Ambassador, John Ashton has set his sights on completing this 10k event to raise awareness of lung cancer and highlight not only the results of access to effective medicines, but also the benefits of exercise for people with lung disease. Whilst John has just ¾ of his pre-cancer lungs left, he has […]

Lung Health Awareness Month – November 2016

Lung Health Awareness is observed internationally throughout the month of November. We will be providing more information over the coming months about how Lung Health Awareness will be observed in New Zealand.