October, 2020

A message for Pharmac from a brave mother of two

Lung cancer patient, Christine Roberts is a very courageous mother of two. Christine talked about her lung cancer journey in November 2019. Her message for Pharmac remains the same. #lungcancermatters #wellbeingmatters #equity https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QwSf4swQXLDNA4M9qVmUHhsuZNv0lsU-/view

Reminded PM about Lung Cancer Injustice

Philip Hope of Lung Foundation NZ, attended Jacinda Ardern’s visit to Treble Court in Gisborne to remind her about the injustice lung cancer patients suffer, the result of irresponsible government policy.   He was the only one attending that did not want a photo. What he did was give her his card and ask for […]

Lung Cancer features in the Leaders Debate

We would like to acknowledge and praise Patrick Gower for highlighting the inequity that exists in health (per lung cancer and cystic fibrosis – just two examples of many) and for pushing the issue to reform Pharmac at the leaders debate. The public are becoming more aware Pharmac is an instrument of government and therefore is […]