September 27, 2017

Lung Cancer Patients advocate for immunotherapy drug Keytruda to be funded

Lung cancer patient Jason Guttenbeil, shares his story. We acknowledge Jason’s courage for speaking about his lung cancer journey and for highlighting the inequity so far as access to effective treatments like Keytruda (pembrolizumab) in the public health system. We also acknowledge lung cancer patient Mary Wyatt for sharing her story. Both patients have had […]

New Zealand Health Strategy Implementation Workshop

Lung Foundation New Zealand participated in a workshop held in Auckland with other key stakeholders to look at the journey our health system has taken since the launch of the NZ Health Strategy. This forum was a good opportunity to collaborate, to acknowledge the positives of the present and also consider the future we all […]

Taking Part in a Clinical Trial

Clinical trials for new treatments are going on in New Zealand, Australia and around the world all through the year. Search ‘online clinical trial registers’ to find clinical trials to ask about. You or someone close to you may be suitable to take part in a trial. Contact the organisers, and tell your oncologist and […]