June 8, 2017

Kiwis diagnosed with asbestos and other dust-related diseases whose exposure occurred while working in Australia may be entitled to compensation.

There are different statutory and common law entitlements in every state of Australia. Depending on where you were exposed, you may have entitlements to common law damages, pensions and/or statutory benefits. You may be legally entitled to claim compensation if you are suffering from: • asbestosis • lung cancer • asbestos related pleural disease • […]

Dr Richard Sullivan to Chair Lung Health Plenary at the 2017 GPCME

We are thrilled to advise that one of New Zealand’s leading Medical Oncologists, Dr Richard Sullivan MBChB, FRACP will chair the lung health plenary at the 2017 GPCME (General Practice Conference and Medical Exhibition) in Rotorua. Dr Sullivan is also one of the quality presenters and his presentation will engage participants with Maximising Patient Outcomes. […]

Vast vaping

It’s no surprise to see the huge growth reported in global sales of e cigarettes. Whilst e cigarettes at this stage are considered much safer than tobacco products and are being promoted widely, we do have concerns because the use of e cigarettes amongst adolescents is increasing rapidly. This poses the risk that our younger […]