Courageous Lung Cancer Patients

It was great to see three special leaders come together at the John West 12k Traverse held at the Auckland Marathon; lung cancer patient advocates; Baden Ngan Kee, Christine Roberts-Whitcombe and Jason Guttenbeil. Lung Foundation NZ is sincerely grateful to have their courageous leadership and support (and that of their families and friends). By working […]

Today we observe World Pneumonia Day.

Today, 12th November 2017, we observe World Pneumonia Day. Pneumococcal Pneumonia is more common and more serious in older adults. The enclosed infographic highlights important facts about pneumococcal pneumonia. Talk to your doctor about ways to minimise your risk. Become a lung health champion by sharing this poster with those you care about. NZ Lung […]

Fantastic Fundraising by Family and Mum with Lung Cancer

We are sincerely grateful to lung cancer patient, Christine Roberts-Whitcombe and her family; husband Brent, children; Ella and Jack, for their tremendous leadership and support with fundraising to increase the awareness of lung cancer and for their advocacy to highlight the inequalities that exist for lung cancer patients and their families. The Whitcombe family established […]

Lung Cancer Patient, Baden Ngan Kee Raises $17,000!

Huge thanks to Baden Ngan Kee, his family and friends and colleagues in the FMCG Industry for this tremendous support! For the past four months John West has called on the FMCG industry to support Baden Ngan Kee, a well-respected executive who has been diagnosed with lung cancer, by donating funds to the Lung Foundation […]

November is Lung Health Month AND Lung Cancer Awareness month

Lung Foundation New Zealand observes lung health month and lung cancer awareness month during November. We thought we would begin by sharing some lung facts that remind us how important our/your lungs are; Lungs are the only internal organs that are constantly exposed to the environment The average person breathes about 11,000 litres of air […]

Green Cross Health, pharmacy brands Unichem and Life Pharmacy to observe lung health Month

We acknowledge the increasingly important role community pharmacists have in raising awareness and identifying those who may be at risk of lung disease. For many, the community pharmacist is recognised as the go to health professional, because individuals can speak with a pharmacist free of charge, without an appointment and in confidence. Lung Foundation New […]

Why is Keytruda funded for melanoma but not lung cancer?

Is it fair that melanoma gets funded for a particular drug while lung cancer doesn’t? Well, that’s exactly what’s happening with Pembrolizumab, or Keytruda as it’s more commonly known. Melanoma groups lobbied the Government hard to get the drug funded and in September last year, they succeeded – but spare a thought for lung cancer […]

Lung Cancer Patients advocate for immunotherapy drug Keytruda to be funded

Lung cancer patient Jason Guttenbeil, shares his story. We acknowledge Jason’s courage for speaking about his lung cancer journey and for highlighting the inequity so far as access to effective treatments like Keytruda (pembrolizumab) in the public health system. We also acknowledge lung cancer patient Mary Wyatt for sharing her story. Both patients have had […]

New Zealand Health Strategy Implementation Workshop

Lung Foundation New Zealand participated in a workshop held in Auckland with other key stakeholders to look at the journey our health system has taken since the launch of the NZ Health Strategy. This forum was a good opportunity to collaborate, to acknowledge the positives of the present and also consider the future we all […]

Taking Part in a Clinical Trial

Clinical trials for new treatments are going on in New Zealand, Australia and around the world all through the year. Search ‘online clinical trial registers’ to find clinical trials to ask about. You or someone close to you may be suitable to take part in a trial. Contact the organisers, and tell your oncologist and […]